• Info/Description: Version: 1.2

    NOTE: To enjoy the weapons in full quality, choose under
    setup.exe 'true color'!

    This is a little Mod, which changes the look of the following weapons:


    *NEW muzzle flash of all weapons!! (basis: Red Orchestra)

    *image changes at the MP 44

    *new ammo for the MG 42

    new weapons:

    *Mosin Nagant (the basis were files of RO)

    *PPSh 41 Spagin (wood & magazine of RO)

    *Degtyarev DP 1928 (magazine- photo of the internet)

    *completely new german knife, like the historic one (internet)

    © Muffinman, October 2008


    Minor changes at the MP 44

    New weapons:

    *MP 40:
    Made at the basis of my own photos and photos from the internet.

    *Karabiner 98k:
    the ordinary rifle and three sniper versions: woodland - good for the Czech, Alps and Burgundy missions
    arctic - good for the Arctic and Ardennes misssions
    desert- good for the Africa, Lybia and Sicily missions
    The basis were photos from the internet

    © Muffinman Germany, December 2007

    *MP 44:
    The 'Masterpiece' of my Mod.
    I took my own photos at a museum to create that weapon.

    *M1 Garand:
    I used the original BMP- file, enlarged it, added new wood. I also used
    some of the metal and the aim markings of Fleischer's Mod, but I gave it
    a scratch proofed and used look.

    *German Knife:
    my own creation

    scratch proofed/used look made on the basis of photos from the internet.

    Installation: Just copy the Maps folder into your H&D 2 root directory.

    Creator: Muffiman
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